bring and take.  When do you use bring and when do you use take? It depends on your point of view. We use bring to indicate motion toward the place of speaking or the place from which the action is regarded. Thus you normally take checks to the bank and bring home cash, although from the banker?s perspective you have brought checks to the bank in order to take away cash.    1
  When the point of reference is not the place of speaking itself, you can use either verb depending on the context. Thus you can say either The labor leaders brought their requests to the mayor?s office or The labor leaders took their requests to the mayor?s office depending on whether you want to describe things from the point of view of the labor leaders or the mayor. Perhaps for this reason, the distinction between bring and take is sometimes less clear than you might expect. A parent may say of a child, for example, She always takes a pile of books home with her from school, as the parent imagines the situation from the child?s viewpoint. This usage may sound curious to those who are accustomed to observe the distinction more strictly, but there is really nothing wrong with it.    2
bring and brung.  The form brung is common in colloquial use in many areas, even among educated speakers, but it is not standard in formal writing.    3

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